mardi 9 novembre 2010

La dolce life

Ahhh life. This complexe thing in wich we try to survive. A blog isn't gonna change anything about its complexity. But it may help me and you to understand and enjoy it a little better. Let me explain. Writing is a great way to know ourself a little better. Reading too. I am writing, you are reading. How fabulous! Ok. Let's get started.

My name is Isabelle. I live in Quebec city, in Canada. I'm a college student doing a program in languages and cultures. I would like to continue my studies in fashion. What else? I like, wrong, I love to travel. And to dream. I LOVE fashion, so you will see that too. Besides, architecture, art, music, design and decoration, beauty, styling, flowers and nature, food... ok, I have many interests.

Now, important: my writer name (because it's cool to have one, don't laugh) is Bat. Yeah, my friends gave me that name for a stupid story, so it stayed.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you on my blog and let you know that I am writing for the pleasure of it. If you enjoy reading me, that would be even more fantastic!

Well, welcome!!!

P.S.: I'm sorry if my English is not really good... my first language is French, so... please, if you see a mistake, don't be afraid to tell me! Thank you again and enjoy =)

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