lundi 22 novembre 2010

History of Art: Architecture

Since I got in my program at college, I fell in love with one particular class: History of Art. This 3 hours class is a delight, I can't even describe it. My favorite topic is architecture and sculpture, even thought I like paintings too. Anyway, I decided to get fashioned inspired by my class, starting with architecture.

Antic Greece

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Antiquity, while it is not the first period including art, is surely the beginning of the grandiose architecture and sculpture. One of the most beautiful temple of Greece is the temple of Erechtheion, with its gorgeous Caryatid statues. Antiquity is all about researching harmony in the lines and greating the gods and godesses. Erechtheion temple is the exception of the harmony, due to the many parts built together. So here is my inspirationnal outfit for this temple.

During summer, the most pleasant thing to do is wearing light dresses like this one. The dress looks like a prayer dress of Antiquity, like we can see in the movie "Troy". Gladiator sandals go well with that bohemian grecian style, and the earrings reminded me of the column volutes. With this style, a nice bun, braids or just loose hair would be perfect. And keep the makeup really light!

Antiquity is synonyme of drapes and softness. That yellow dress looks like the Caryatid statue itself, with the pretty flowers on top and the marble effect. The laurier bracelet refers to the nature engravings of the temples. The shoes are another wink with their ruffles. The color gives more punch to the outfit. Make sure to have your hair up with that kind of dress, that we can see the pretty details around the neck. I know that those outfits seem to apply only to summer time, but it's because Greece is a hot country so that's why I was more inspired by summer items.

Did you like the outfits? How would you get inspired by Antic Greece? Let me know in the comments please!

mardi 9 novembre 2010

La dolce life

Ahhh life. This complexe thing in wich we try to survive. A blog isn't gonna change anything about its complexity. But it may help me and you to understand and enjoy it a little better. Let me explain. Writing is a great way to know ourself a little better. Reading too. I am writing, you are reading. How fabulous! Ok. Let's get started.

My name is Isabelle. I live in Quebec city, in Canada. I'm a college student doing a program in languages and cultures. I would like to continue my studies in fashion. What else? I like, wrong, I love to travel. And to dream. I LOVE fashion, so you will see that too. Besides, architecture, art, music, design and decoration, beauty, styling, flowers and nature, food... ok, I have many interests.

Now, important: my writer name (because it's cool to have one, don't laugh) is Bat. Yeah, my friends gave me that name for a stupid story, so it stayed.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you on my blog and let you know that I am writing for the pleasure of it. If you enjoy reading me, that would be even more fantastic!

Well, welcome!!!

P.S.: I'm sorry if my English is not really good... my first language is French, so... please, if you see a mistake, don't be afraid to tell me! Thank you again and enjoy =)